How does your process work?

At GLOBAL BILLING SOLUTIONS we are committed to a streamlined process.  We will work with whichever EHR platform you are using or accept faxed and emailed documentation.  We can even create documents for you to use!  The billing schedule will be designed around your practice needs and documentation readiness.

I am having problems with Medicare. How can you help?

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff ensures compliance with all government and commercial payers. All claims are reviewed for accuracy and compliance before being submitted for payment. Our staff can educate and train your office staff to ensure accuracy before the information is transmitted to us!

How soon after the information is transmitted to you is the claim submitted for payment?

All claims are submitted to the insurance companies within 24 hours of receipt.

Do I get any type of report showing what you have done or are doing for my practice?

We value constant communication with onsite office staff to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information. At month end you will receive a Business Analysis Report. This report outlines all of your practices activity for that month. The Monthly Business Analysis includes: Practice Analysis, Insurance Analysis, Patient Analysis, marketing information and demographic information. Of course, at any time, any report can be generated for you review.

Do you handle all denials and appeals?

Yes. Once information is forwarded to us we handle that claim from beginning to end. Whatever is necessary to get you paid and paid correctly we take care of. On occasion, additional information is requested from your office in order to complete this process.


The personalized service that GLOBAL BILLING SOLUTIONS provides is unsurpassed. We pride ourselves on remaining current and informed on all billing and coding changes. We have successfully helped medical practices achieve financial strength by tying together extensive knowledge of medical billing and collections with strong human resources and communication experience.

Ask Yourself

Do you struggle with cash flow; Are your account receivables unmanageable?

Do you want to reduce expenses related to in-house staff; Do you want to reduce hiring and training costs due to high staff turnover?

Do you want to reduce the chance of unbilled claims due to lost encounter slips and speed up the transfer of claims processing information?

Do you want to spend more time with patients versus getting bogged down by administrative and financial management tasks?

Do you want a service that demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction?

Do you want a business partner more than just a medical billing vendor?

If you answered "yes" to the questions above, then you need to contact GLOBAL BILLING SOLUTIONS